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Having a balanced diet and doing sport is not enough to keep up with an ever more hectic and stressful environment. Indeed, food such as vegetables and fruits contains less vitamins and minerals as they used to due to intensive agriculture.  Our lifestyle is often more prone to a consumption of more pro inflammation Omega 6 than anti inflammatory Omega 3 EPA & DHA. This could lead to serious imbalance in our health, causing potentially serious illnesses. Moreover, we are permanently exposed to a more polluted environment : not only air pollution but also to magnetic one with computers, mobile phones and pads. With such aggression, our eyes are thus getting weaker and stressed out. In the long run, our overall health will be seriously affected.

The most common  health issues we are facing are the following : 
  • External and internal inflammation (migraine, skin issues such as spots, ulcer, arthritis...) 
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of concentration and weaker memory
  • Cardiovascular issues (Cholesterol, high blood pressure...) 

We tend to seek for help and guidance once we have issues. But the ideal approach would be to maintain our health as soon as possible so that we could be our better self today and in the future.  

We have specifically designed a package of micronutrients that target the overall health issues : Combination of Vita OmeXanthin and Vita Lutein Complex. 

With such customised micronutrients, you will be able to :
  • have a strong anti-inflammation action : helps to prevent chronic and degenerative diseases.
  • have a powerful antioxidant effect : slowing the aging of cells and tissues and helps protecting against degenerative diseases in which oxidative stress and inflammatory processes play a key role.
  • regulate your emotions : mood lifting due to the production of serotonine and dopamine 
  • regulation of your overall health system : better cardiovascular, stronger brain power, protection of liver cells to fight against liver fat.
  • nourish your ocular system : your eyes are less tired, more resistant to pc and phone screens, better day and night vision and helps to protect against common eye illnesses such as macula degeneration and cataract.
So far, our Health Booster formula is the most complete treatment that will enable you to reach your optimal health in the long run. Within the first 2 days of intake of our formula, you will feel the following positive effects : better concentration and more energized. In the mid and long term, our formula will treat your overall health systems, which means a better cell and tissue regeneration.

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