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Sport Safety & Performance

Naturotrade offers a range of products that helps you train safely while boosting your performance. Enjoy all the benefits from the sport by protecting your body and by helping it to regenerate itself with the right nutrients. 


Practicing moderately any sport activities is beneficial particularly in strengthening bones. But in some situations, sport may lead to cartilage degeneration.

Due to:

  • Excessive and/chronic stress (intensive sport with multi joint movement)

  • Injuries (sprains, lesions, fractures)

  • Constitutional anomalies (hyper flexibility, shape of bones)

Vita Pro-Flex Drink is a complete and high quality micronutrient formula that offers specific nutrition for your cartilage, tendons and ligaments at the right dosage. 

It has been developed with the collaboration of Dr. Roland Jakob and Dr. Bernhard Segesser, both worldwide specialists in Joint Care in order to offer adequate solutions to protect and repair Swiss Olympians' joints or ligaments injuries. The Vita Pro-Flex Drink is recommended to people who have or had injuries on their cartilage, tendons or ligaments and suffers from joint discomfort.

  • Less painkiller 
  • Increases joint mobility 
Just like training and resting, nutrition is a key element in high level sport performance. A good diet at every meal and training has many benefits for athletes. It allows them to better withstand intensive workouts and prevent them from over-training, risk of injuries. Moreover it helps them recover better after workouts /competitions and maintain better its body weight.
Now, you have the possibility to increase your sport performance with the combination of powerful natural antioxidants.

OmeXanthin is a combination of 2 of the most powerful natural antioxidants: Astaxanthin and the Omega 3 EPA & DHA. Astaxanthin increases our muscle endurance while the EPA & DHA protects our brain, ocular system and our blood circulation. Both of them are as well powerful anti-inflammatory.

Effective pain reduction without drug treatment:

Recommended solution of products for sport safety and performance