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Why Vita Products

The Vita Products are one of the best selling premium healthcare products in Swiss pharmacies.

It's Natural

The Vita Products are made of 100% natural ingredients and the consumption of natural active ingredient supplements have a positive influence on our health :

  • it compensates for specific nutrient deficiencies
  • it helps to improve existing health issues
  • it helps to promote overall health
  • No added chemicals in Vita products during its processing.

It's Highly Absorbable

Due to the small molecules of active ingredients, Vita products are highly absorbable through the intestinal barrier. 

Studies have showed that a daily consumption of specific micronutrients in high dosage (a bigger quantity than a standard nutrition diet) may improve our healing abilities that are not necessarily visible in small doses. 

It offers a comprehensive product range:

  • Targets the deep roots of skin ageing and helps to repair and rejuvenate our skin
  • Targets musculoskeletal pains and helps for its maintenance and recovery.
  • Targets fatigue and health weakness by improving our general health system and physical performance
  • Targets difficulties in concentration by increasing mental performance